Mar 17, 2016


Yo ssup. Pekabo semorang? Uh, nobody here. I forgot about that.

Yea, it has been awhile since my last entry. Blehh, too lazy to update. (-,-')

So today's date was 17. March. Currently 'enjoying' my semester break. For 3 weeks. Gaaaaa, I envy those who get more than a month of break. But, nahh. I love it. 3 weeks. Not too long, nor too short. Enough to rest my mind from the hectic of the previous semester. xD

Flipping through my older post, I havent said anything about my life. My after-school life. Yaa yaaaa. I'm telling you now. Shut up, stay still.

I've been 'enjoying' my stdy in MMU. You know what's MMU stands for, aite? Yea, in Cyberjaya. Go Google yourself if you don't know. Currently in my Beta level. Which issssssss? First year of Degree. Gahh, I've grown up. Degree already, huh? Hm. Yahh, I'm doing foundation there, too. In Management. Currently pursuing degree for Finance. Going for 3rd semester soon. Then follow up by Gamma level. Going through internship, Delta level, then GRADDDDD! Why so earlyyyyyy. I still thinking that I'm my momma's little baby. (T_T)

Yerp, I'm so happy with my life. Since I'm staying on-campus, it teach me how to berdikari. (^^) Met several people thus I'm glad. My Chaotic, my Humaira, all kakaks there. I feel blessed to have them in my life. Thank you for this almost two years of relationship. :)

Enough! Okay? Till then. またあいましょう。

*I took Japanese during my first semester of Degree for foreign language. :D

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